Why map extent won't update when editing sample AttributeEditor?

Discussion created by jakpen on Apr 18, 2014
So I have been at this over and over and getting no where!!
I have been able to change the feature layer in the AttributeEditor to my own and changed the dynamic layer into tiled service layer
They come up and I can see them, but I have to pan over from Kansas to California to see it...

The original sample layer was set for Kansas, US while my new layer is in California
I've changed the extent in the AttributeEditorActivity.java as:
mapView = new MapView(this);
initextent = new Envelope(-10868502.895856911, 4470034.144641369,
   -10837928.084542884, 4492965.25312689);
mapView.setExtent(initextent, 0);

and, in the main.xml:
  initExtent="-10868502.895856911 4470034.144641369 -10837928.084542884 4492965.25312689"

Is there somewhere else that I need to change this as well to load a California view opposed to the Kansas view that keeps coming up?? or does it keep pulling the original info from the web sample maybe??
Thanks in advance for any help or ideas!!