Services access check

Discussion created by detroit on Apr 17, 2014

I need to check if I have the rights to access all the services stored in my configurations.
At the moment i have an app that doesnt use proxy. I have a list of services. The app tries to access first one to get token and then the api itself takes care of tokens for other services. But for instance if I dont have access to one of the services the username password window will popup. So i want to test all the rights beforehand.
So i made a request to the services urls (remember Im already authenticated for service number one) and only the service number one gets the token added, the rest don't hence result in html response - the HTML page with Password and Username input. Probably the unorthodox way would be to just stick token=X to the url, but that doesnt really look clean.

Is there a certain way to check access rights to several services?

Regards, Matej