Image service works on 10.2 machine but not on 10.2.1 machine Help Please

Discussion created by oitogrip on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by oitogrip
Good morning.   This week I built out my 10.2.1 Arc GIS Server install and copied my Raster mosaics over to the new server.   I registered the directory that the mosaics are in with Arc GIS Server the same as I did in 10.2.   The mosaic I made draws at all scales.   It works great the same way it did at 10.2.   However when I build my service my service functions fine untill I zoom in close to see the buildings and things.   Then I get the black and white checker board.  (Only on the service-- not on the mosaic itself when I draw it) Does anyone have any idea what my problem may be. 
Here is a link to my test service (it works properly)

and here is a link to my production service 10.2.1(It doesn't draw when you zoom in to building level say 1:3000)

None of the data moved. Nothing has changed.  
Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Need more info?  Can anyone help me out.   The service is statewide so it takes a minute to load initially.   But any help would be appreciated.