Updating layers

Discussion created by Keljarrett on Apr 17, 2014
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Bit of a random question but I want to check my understanding on ArcGIS Online and check I am therefore using the right product. We have created maps in ArcGIS Desktop and uploaded to AGOL for operatives to use in the field. They are updating the relevant maps with datapoints and then I have another map in Desktop that accesses the information directly from AGOL. If I want to make any changes to the feature class that they edit the datapoints in however, I have to

1) Download the data from AGOL.
2) Combine into the feature class that is being modified.
3) Make the necessary modifications and share as service.
4) Add the new layers into the maps on AGOL and delete the old ones

This seems like a very long winded process every time we make any changes to the base data. What I want ideally is something that allows users in the organisation to view maps created in the desktop and if any changes are made to the maps or the feature classes they are comprised of, this is automatically filtered out to the maps used by the organisation.

Is AGOL the right tool for this or should I be doing something else?