ArcSDE C-API SE_stream_calculate_table_statistics() crash with Oracle

Discussion created by sbrockwell on Apr 16, 2014
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I'm maintaing an ArcSDE client application which apparently was working with ArcSDE 9.1

Current configuration: ArcSDE 10.1 with Oracle 10.1, Win 7 x32/x64

Symptoms when calling SE_stream_calculate_table_statistics() with SE_DISTINCT_STATS as mask on a STRING property:

   1. crashes with SE_NET_FAILURE (-10)
   2. memory violation when using direct connect in sdeora11gsrvr101.dll
   3. Works fine with numerial properties (integer/double)
   4. Works fine with SqlServer with any property type (integer/double/string)

Note: 2) and 3) prove the code is correct.

Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.