Appending and Clipping Problems

Discussion created by bluecountry on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by dknolan
I am trying to create a few maps on data,such as minority percent per census block group.
I found the data from the 2011 5 year ACS.

-I downloaded the file, then made a new column calculating the percent of minorities per block group.
-I added it to arcmap as a .csv, then joined it to the sfblockgroup_37800_2010 shapefile. 
-Once, joined, I want to clip the data so it is just for my region (which is 21 towns or county subdivisions). 
1) For some reason, when I clip, then attempt to display it from symbology>quantities, the last column does not show from the drop down menu.

2) Further, I wanted to combine two shapefiles.  The first file contains the original 20 towns, the second shapefile has another town which was later added to the region. I tried to append the new, second shapefile to the 20 town file but was told the schema's do not fit.

Has anybody run into these problems before and know any solutions?  Thanks.