Model Builder tool with in-line variables won't "add to display"

Discussion created by housewren on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by Christian_Wells-esristaff
Hi all,
I???m creating a tool using model builder but have run into a snag???I can???t get my results to add to the display when running as a tool. 

In model builder it works fine with ???Add to display??? checked, but when I run it as a tool I can???t get my results to add to the display. It seems, perusing the forums, that this is a not uncommon problem, but I haven???t found a solution that works.  

I have made a simplified model that illustrates the problem.

I have a line feature that I want to convert to a polygon and I want the resulting feature class to be named using in-line variable substitution (in my full model I use this variable for other things as well).  So in this example, the only tool used is ???Feature to Polygon??? and a model variable called ???Name???.  I pass the name of the original line feature class as a Parameter and ???Name??? is also a parameter.
In Geoprocessing options, ???Add results of geoprocessing operations to the display??? is checked.
For the results feature, ???Add to display??? is checked and ???Model Parameter??? is checked (although I would prefer it not to be a model parameter, this seems to be required of tools for "add to display")

The resulting file gets named properly but it doesn???t automatically add to the display.  If, instead, I don???t use the model variable ???Name??? and instead make the Output Feature Class a parameter, it will add to the display when finished.  Consequently, it appears that the in-line variable has something to do with the problem.

Any ideas?