Problem  importing images to mosaic dataset

Discussion created by on Apr 14, 2014
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I am creating a time aware mosaic dataset.  I am importing all my images and have a problem importing newer 3 band color images.  This is the process I followed.

1) Created a new Mosaic Dataset
2) Imported older black and white 1 band images.  This works properly.
3) Tried to import the new 3 band image and the new image does not display.

I thought the problem might be because the new image has 3 bands  so I did the following: 

1) Created a new mosaic dataset
2) Imported the new 3 band color image into the mosaic.  It displayed properly and the number of bands on the mosaic is set to 3.  
3) Imported the older black and white 1 band images.

After doing this all I see on the screen is a single black blob in the foot print for each area.

Any thoughts on what's causing this?  We need to do time analysis between all the layers so I need them together in a mosaic.    I have done it successfully in the past adding images in reverse order but I can't get it to work in this case.

Is there a limitation on what types of images can be grouped together in a mosaic dataset?  I though the purpose of the mosaic dataset was so we can group images together.