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Extract Data Task errors

Question asked by jasonlouis on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by jasonlouis

I am trying to run the extract data task.  I have published my map.  I fill in the values with a raster layer.  It returns with 2 errors...

Failed to clip layer <layer name>
Extension is invalid for the output raster format.  Please verify that the format you have specified is valid.

I have tried only clipping an area of interest and adding that layer, not clipping, or clipping and adding a raster.
I have tried changing the name of the output and changing the extension, including .tif, .img, .zip and leaving it blank.  The output defaults to a .zip format.  I have tried just using the default value.  Nothing seems to resolve this.

I am open to suggestions as to what I can try.  I dont really care about the output.  All I need is for this to run once so I can publish it to arcserver.  I wonder if I publish this output with a warning if it will work? It does say completed successfully, even though I cant view the file. 

Any help is appreciated.  Thank you, in advance.