Relates or Relationship in GIS Online

Discussion created by carolinevallieres on Apr 14, 2014

I am making a map in gis dekstop with different layers to be published in gis online.

I am mapping 40 buildings (for a demo) and within each table I have the following information:
-Vacancy Rate
-Building type
-Square footage
and more...

I divided each layer by building type because when we add all our buildings the layer will be too heavy to export to gis online.

Is there a way to filter all the layers at the same time in GIS Online? For example, if I want to know vacancy rate for all buildings, I could just filter once instead of going through all the building types.

I would like to relate or create a relationship in GIS Desktop. Would this relationship still be functional in GIS Online?

Also, can I create this relationship if only the field names are identical? There are no rows in the attribute table that relate to each other since its different buildings and hence different data; however, the field names are identical.

Any help would be very much appreciated :)

Thank you,