Refresh a Table View after Append_management

Discussion created by rfairhur24 on Apr 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2014 by lgtateos
I am trying to use the Append_management tool in a Python script tool where a table view in ArcMap is the output.  The append works, but if the table view is open the appended records won't appear and the record count won't change until I manually close the table view and reopen it.  Using arcpy.RefreshActiveView() and reloading the table cache manually does nothing, only manually closing and reopening the table view works.  Is there any way to make Python get the table view to refresh without a user having to manually close and reopen the table view?  The behavior is the same if I run Append_management directly in ArcMap outside of my script tool.

Is this a bug in the Append_management tool that needs to be fixed or do I need to add an Idea to the Ideas website requesting that a refresh subroutine be added to the tool or arcpy.RefreshActiveView() that will work when a table view is the output?  Is writing my own Append_management routine using a cursor my only option?  Will a Python Insertcursor update the table view, or do I need to use a .Net Insertcursor and refresh options to make this work?

This is all because ESRI is stupidly refusing to even consider the idea of making a Copy/Paste Rows option available for a StandAlone table.  I resent having to do their work for them with my own tool in the first place, but lame behavioral glitches like this make it that much more frustrating.