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Discussion created by dhunink on Apr 11, 2014
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Hi There,

I'm experimenting some with the super cool Summary template. I deployed my data (see http://services2.arcgis.com/QAdJ8Cfk7wlxW3HM/ArcGIS/rest/services/ACLED_pointsonly/FeatureServer/0), which consists of almost 80.000 records. Every record is a conflict that occurred in Africa between 1997 en 2012. SO it makes sense to give a count and group the records, to see where concentrations are.
However, when I deploy the template, the count does not show the correct number. On a large scale it counts up to 3.000 cases, when zoomed-in it will go slightly higher (around 4.000).

What is going on here, how can I make the template show the right count?

See it live here: http://topografieindeklas.nl/playground/ACLED/summary/