Batch Geocoding online using credits

Discussion created by a.leone on Apr 10, 2014

I've a question on how to use my credits from AcrGis Developer Account for WPF batch geocoding online task. I have tried these two way:

1) I followed the guide explained on this link:

then I followed the api example provided by sdk "batch geocoding online".
I've used the token in this way:
public void AddressesToLocationsAsync(IList<IDictionary<string, string>> Addresses, SpatialReference OutSpatialReference, object UserToken = null);

but the method returns an exception "Token required but not passed in the request."
Probably becasue this way is only for web-based/rest request?

2) I used the IdentityManager and registered the "Challenge" method to automatically
provide the developer account credential.

IdentityManager.Current.ChallengeMethodEx = SignInDialog.DoSignInEx;

The result is that the credential provided were incorrect and the popup window continue to appear.

What is the right way to "batch geocoding online" (providing credential by hard-code) from WPF application using Developers account credits ?
Thank you in advance