Can i open a Personal GeoDatabse (.mdb) in CityEngine?

Discussion created by dalert on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2014 by aaronor
Hi, i am trying to read a Personal GeoDabase (.mdb) into CityEngine but i can't get it to work.
I use the import feature, and to drag and drop it into the navigator window /data.

I have tried converting (with copy/paste) it in ArcCatalog to a GeoDatabse (.gdb) but then i get the error "The data extent is too large. Reduce the extent of Data".

My question is, how can i import the data from the .mdb to CityEngine the best way. Should i convert it to another format? Can i Read it a diffrent way?

The .mdb file is from Lantmäteriet in Sweden its about 4-5 mgb large of my Univerity campus area, they are the offical mapping entity of sweden.)