Schedule for ArcSDE 10.3 release?  (for NIM-099594 issues)

Discussion created by deanme on Apr 9, 2014
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Hello -

Does anyone have information as to when ArcSDE 10.3 is scheduled for release?  We are beginning to have big problems with a known bug (NIM-099594) which is supposed to be fixed in 10.3.

Links to NIM-099594 and Knowledge Base article:

Our current system:

Oracle 11g ( - Linux RedHat 5.4 64-bit
ArcSDE 10.1 sp1
using ST_Geometry format

Our ArcSDE upgrade path has been:  (1)  9.3.1  (2) 10.0 sp5  (3) 10.1 sp1

My understanding is that the issue happens when ArcSDE is upgraded from 10.0 to 10.1.  If ArcSDE is upgraded from version 9.3.1 directly to 10.1 it doesn't happen.

The only work-around we've so far been successful with is to create new feature classes for the ones having this problem and load in the data from the original feature class.

We are also curious if others are running into this problem.


Ellen Dean
St. Johns River Water Management District