Map Legend in Second Page and Hide Dataframe

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Hi there

Currently I�??m using arcy.mapping to customize map printing in a web application.
I need to have 2 pages; one with the map and the second with the legend.
What I am currently doing is have two MXD´s, one for the map with a dataframe and other with the legend which also has a dataframe(because of the legend).
My first question is: How can I hide the dataframe in the second page (or there is a better approach) so that in the second page only the legend appears?

Secondly, I need to put in the legend the group layers in one level and the legend in the second level, for instance, if I have:

District Average
     [symbol] �?? Below 50%
     [symbol] �?? Above  50%

The legend displays only:
[symbol] �?? Below 50%
[symbol] �?? Above  50%

Is it possible to render the layer name and the symbols in hierarchy?