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apartment number at the beginning of address

Question asked by ishtiak on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by awong-esristaff
I have been customizing Canadian dual range address locator. Right now I am working on customizing the locator to deal with addresses with apartment/suite numbers.
The code at this moment are able to geocode address that has apt/suite numbers at the end or beginning

for ex: 11 Sherwood Avenue Suite 228 or Apt#2019, 121 Davisville Avenue

But it cannot geocode the addresses when apartment numbers are written in a special way (a somewhat common way of writing in Toronto):

For example (re-written the addresses mentioned above): 228-11 Sherwood Avenue, 2019-121 Davisville Avenue...

Any hint on how to accommodate this way of writing addresses?

There is a section in the lot file 'Units and numbers at the beginning of address'..where
the separator is defined by 'OptNumSeparator'
the OptNumSeparator definition refers to Numseparator:

<def name="OptNumSeparator">
           <elt ref="NumSeparator"/>

and the NumSeparator is defined as below:

<def name="NumSeparator">

So it seems that "-" separator is already defined and I can't seem to understand why it is not geocoding this addresses with this specific separator (ex: 228-21 Sherwood Avenue)

Thanks in advance