Field calculate on join with domain

Discussion created by dknolan on Apr 8, 2014
I am working with a version of a 10.1 SDE feature class that I have joined to a cleaner, redesigned personal geodatabase (my test redesign and cleanup working file). I added any new fields not in the SDE file before I switched to the version. My goal is to eliminate the personal geodatabase after cleanup and use only the SDE.

For my new nondomain fields, I am able to use the field calculator in Edit to copy values from the joined equivalent fields; in the domain fields, the Field Calc option is grayed out. When I remove the join, the option is available, but of course, this is unhelpful. One domain is coded, the other is range.

Do I have to remove the domains temporarily? Can I add two temporary fields in the SDE version, copy from the joined fields, remove the join, finish the edits, etc. I assumed I shouldn't add fields in a version, though I would be deleting any extra junk fields I need to create before posting.