Adding layer to map using URL hosted  .CSV file

Discussion created by jakpen on Apr 7, 2014
I have been struggling with no progress to simply display a layer of my own data on a basemap in an android app
None of the Dynamic, Feature or Tiled map service layers work since I do not have arcgis server access without log-in
I found info and sample for using a .CSV file hosted in my own regular URL, and am using the sample "AddCSV2GraphicsLayer"....
This sample uses the android date picker to output events of the date queried with the button
Is there a way to customize this without the query, or just display ALL the points in my .csv file? OR,
Can anyone offer any resources for working with .csv and graphics layers together? or
How I can control the view or query and what ever else might help??
Thanks in advance for any help and guidance!