Editing esri.symbol.TextSymbol hangs browser on Scale, Rotate when no default basemap

Discussion created by craigangusjohnson on Apr 7, 2014
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I am having a peculiar problem with using the Edit toolbar (esri/toolbars/edit) and the Text Symbol (esri/symbols/TextSymbol), where the browser hangs whilst trying to 'Edit' (Rotate, Scale, not Translate) the TextSymbol with the Edit Toolbar.

Basic template example is from and it works fine if the basemap is loaded, however...

If I remove the basemap (I am using an internal Aerial Map as my basemap), load the map, load the layers,
The try to edit the TextSymbol, it starts the editing, after I activate the edit toolbar with;

var basemapAerial = new esri.layers.ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer("");


tool = tool | Edit.MOVE;
tool = tool | Edit.EDIT_VERTICES;
tool = tool | Edit.SCALE;
tool = tool | Edit.ROTATE;

// enable text editing if a graphic uses a text symbol
if (graphic.symbol.declaredClass === "esri.symbol.TextSymbol") {
   tool = tool | Edit.EDIT_TEXT;

but hangs the browser if I try to scale or rotate, moving is no problem...
If I put the basemap back (doesn't matter which basemap) with

map = new esri.Map("mapDiv", {
  center: [19.202661, -34.415346],
  zoom: 2,
  basemap: "osm"

The scale and rotate on the TextSymbol works again. 
It only affects TextSymbol, not others Polygon, etc and is not browser specific,
Testing in IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Tried to debug, but the browser (tab) hangs completely.. sometimes if I wait long enough
the browser (chrome) will say the script has become unresponsive...

Hope anyone can assist, as I do not want to use a internet basemap, just for this functionality.
Using Arcgis Javascript API 3.8, both online and offline.

Craig Johnson