Calculating percents specific to a field using python?

Discussion created by lindseykayne on Apr 4, 2014
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I am new to ArcGIS, so please excuse me if I may not have the best knowledge of all the functions.  I am creating a map where I want to find the percent land use for each HUC 12.  I have done an intersect of the HUC12's and the land use polygons (or WMAs for New Jersey).  Since there are so many HUC I was wondering if there was a way to use the field calculator to find the percents specific to each HUC12.

So what I need to have is each HUC 12 #, with 6 land use catigories within each that would be in percents

What I did in the past, with fewer hydrological unites, was to create a layer for each HUC, then use the summerize tool where the land use was my focus and include the sum of the area for each polygon (for that specific land use).  This took a little while, but beause now I have a much larger work space I and would like to do this properly and efficently.

Thank you!