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Help with UpdateCursor

Question asked by morsebl on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by morsebl
Hi, I'm new to python and trying to figure some things out here.  I have this bit that I'm working on but once I run it I have to close down PythonWin to be able to run it again.  It works up until the part where I start with the cursor.  I'm guessing that it creates a lock when the cursor starts but from what I read it should release the lock once the script is done.

I've also tried adding del row and del cursor to the end of the script but it has the same problem.  Runs once then I have to close PythonWin to run it again.

import arcpy  # Set Workspace from arcpy import env env.workspace = "C:/EsriPress/Python/Data/Test"  # Variables cl = "cl.shp" cl_split = "cl_split.shp" newfield = "CASE" fieldtype = "TEXT" oldfield = "FID"  # Splitline arcpy.SplitLine_management(cl, cl_split)  # Adds new CASE field arcpy.AddField_management(cl_split, newfield, fieldtype)  # Sets new CASE field equal to FID cursor = arcpy.UpdateCursor(cl_split) for row in cursor:     row.setValue(newfield, row.getValue(oldfield))     cursor.updateRow(row)

I'm about to head home for the weekend and was hoping someone could help me understand what is happening here so I can move on and finish the rest of my first script next week.

Thanks in advance!