How to reserve annoation edits in updating feature-linked annotation class (ArcSDE)?

Discussion created by yguan13 on Apr 4, 2014
I have a simple python script that truncates an ArcSDE feature class along with its feature-linked annotation class and appends it with another feature class in staging database. The append process also builds the linked annotation class (code shown below). Now an user needs to make minor edits on the annotation class (versioned), my question is how to modify the process to reserve the edits from future updates of the feature class from the staging feature class? I am at ArcGIS 10.0 SP3, Oracle/ArcSDE 10.0.

import arcpy
SDE_GOM_LEASE_LEXCOAnno_P = "Database Connections\\sde_gom@usprd06.sde\\SDE_GOM.LEASE_LEXCOAnno_TJ"
SDE_GOM_LEASE_LEXCO_P = "Database Connections\\sde_gom@usprd06.sde\\SDE_GOM.LEASE_LEXCO_TJ"
SDE_GOM_LEASE_LEXCO_T = "Database Connections\\sde_gom@usqa06.sde\\SDE_GOM.LEASE_LEXCO"



arcpy.Append_management(SDE_GOM_LEASE_LEXCO_T, SDE_GOM_LEASE_LEXCO_P, "TEST", "", "")