auto populate Facility_Id field

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My first post, here it goes. 

I am working with water and sewer infrastructure.  Everything needs to have a unique facility Id that everyone references when dealing with whatever feature.  I am new to the office and the person before me already has the facility Id set up to auto populate.  However one of my feature classes is not doing it.  I'm not sure how they initiated the sde file geodatabase feature class to do it to begin with and now I have no idea how to tell it to continue.  I used this hoping I can fill in the current records and it didn't work but I also will need the field to auto populate by itself. 

def autoIncrement():
global rec
pStart = WF_32582
pInterval = 1
if (rec == 0):
rec = pStart
rec = rec + pInterval
return rec


any help would be greatly appriciated!