Upgraded 9.3.1 Geodatabase to 10.2.1 (ArcCatalog) unable to create query layers

Discussion created by jreid on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2014 by asengupta
I've confirmed this with two geodatabases so far.

Create backup of 9.3.1 database from SQL 2008 R2
Restore Backup of 9.3.1 into new SQL 2012 database
Connect to new database in ArcCatalog and upgrade the geodatabase

When I view the features in ArcCatalog I can see the Shape field is saying it's a geometry field, when I look at the table itself in SQL the Shape field is still an INT field. I am unable to create any Query layers and have them act like a Query Layer using any of these features.

If I create a new geodatabase, and copy the features into it, the field does convert to geometry so it's not the data. the Upgrade Geodatabase button apparently is not actually upgrading anything. Is this a known issue, or something special I ran into?