IDatasetContainer.addDS (dsFromFDLFIle) possible?

Discussion created by mravichandran on Apr 2, 2014
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Using FME / Safe software an ESRI add in is able to get data from the servers - Arc Map 10.0 is not able to consume feature services from Arc Servers 10.2 or higher.  After getting esri's help we were able to add interop layer into arcmap.

the app is current exporting the features present in the wfs/interop layer to a file geodatabase.

the users want the app to export these features to a feature dataset inside the file geo database. (IExportOperation class)

I searched around and found that BrowseName and IDatasetcontainer are the 2 things that I need to work on.

to keep it simple, I have named the feature dataset to be spatial ref name as it will b unique for the file geodb.

any help will be greatly appreciated.