Exporting multi-res data from Mosaic Dataset does not consistently show high-res data

Discussion created by sarundel on Apr 2, 2014
Hello. We have a system we have been automating over the course of the last 18 months. It incorporates new, higher-resolution elevation data into our existing data via a mosaic dataset, and then exports 'products' in various resolutions, sizes and locations. We set the mosaic dataset field values (MinPS, MaxPS, etc) in code depending on the data. We have an issue with the high-res data looking good blended in with the low-resolution data in ArcMap, but when we export (using various methods) sometimes that same high-res data just doesn't show up in the exported tile. Sometimes it does. We have been trouble-shooting this for months with no improvement in predictability.

Any ideas? There are many, many other variables at play here, too, but I'm not sure which ones to present at the moment.