Browser Connection Dropped Using VRP Solver

Discussion created by asengupta75 on Jul 19, 2010
We are facing an interesting problem. Here is what we are doing. We are calling the VRP solver fine grained objects from the code behind the page of an page Everything works fine until we cross about 50 paired orders on Windows 2008 64 bit.  When the VRP solver is called from a browser running on a remote desktop with more than about  50 orders the browser loses connection with the Web Server. However if the browser is running local on the server this problem does not occur. We checked the processes and see that ArcGIS Server seems to be still executing the VRP solve for a little while after the browser disconnects.

The application is an ADF application and uses the fine grained NA classed for the VRP solve. We checked all the known timeout settings on IIS and also increased the timeouts on the MapService Objects but the problem persists

Doing a netstat you can see the http process established by the remote browser on the server but the moment the VRP solve is called the process disconnects

I was wondering if anyone have some suggestions on why  the Browser and IIS are disconnecting and this happens only after the VRP solve call when browser is on a remote machine. It does not appears to happen with  smaller number of paired orders and also does not happen with large number of order pairs if the browser is running on the Server.