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Discussion created by ajones28 on Apr 2, 2014
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I have downloaded data from here http://bioval.jrc.ec.europa.eu/products/gam/download.htm for a masters project.

I am fairly new to altering projections, but for the work I am doing I am using a Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection with Central_Meridian: -0.53528 and Latitude_Of_Origin: 8.675451 as my work is focused on West Africa (please correct me if this does not make any sense/is not the correct way to get equal area in a specific region).

My issue is that all of my other datasets (including rasters) have reprojected fine from WGS84 to the above projection, but when I attempt to project the above dataset it comes back with a generic error and that "the operation was attempted on an empty geometry". On other posts I have read that this can be because the original projection was not defined but I have checked and it it is definitely in WGS84.

Any suggestions as to why I can't gt this to project?

I also had an initial problem that it would not display but on looking through the forums this was due to pyramids already being drawn and once the .rrd file was removed it draws.

I am using 10.1 with SP1.

Many thanks