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Showing coordinates using PictureMarkerSymbol

Question asked by dipti_sheth on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by dipti_sheth

I have an object of arrays like following:

var lat;
var long;
var treePointInfo={};
var attributes;

treePointInfo = [
{ lat: "175.10345988912422", long: "-37.187682856475966", attributes: "" },
{ lat: "175.10347539747", long: "-37.187835793400758", attributes: "" },
{ lat: "175.10351267433421", long: "-37.18796130619176", attributes: "" }

I want to show this coordinates using different colors on ESRI map using basemap as streets and it should display small pop-up window on each marker's click displaying some info regarding that marker.

I tried lots of examples available in javascript API and few samples from forums, but didn't get it successfully working.

Please provide me with some working example.


Dipti Sheth