Server-side code or JavaScript loop?

Discussion created by ajmorris on Jul 19, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2010 by elsinghorst-conterra-de-esridist
I've got an XML file that I am reading, and rendering points as graphics. This is all done client side -- reading the XML and creating the graphics. As I add more and more layers, the performance is REALLY suffering. Accessing this data as tile layer is not an option, though.

As it stands, I have a JavaScript loop, inside of which a graphic is created and added to the map, which happens 500 times. This seems to be the standard thing I see in all the examples.

I am wondering if it would be more performant to load the XML, and generate the JavaScript code for each graphic on the server. That is, have ASP read the data, perform the loop, and output JavaScript code that explicitly creates graphics and calls map.addGraphic 500 times.

I could code this up and compare, but I'm figuring someone out there has already thought about this. Thoughts?