Editing Versioned Services

Discussion created by HandsomePete on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2014 by ichivite-esristaff
I have a question about how to set up services on versioned datasets. 

We have user groups around the country and we are going to make a version off the default sde for each of them to edit.  Lets say our setup looks like this:

default version
    -> Blue version
    -> Red version
    -> Green version

Each group version is at the same level.  I get how to make this work in desktop.  Each group will connect arcmap to their version of the database, edit the layers and then reconcile the changes up to the default version.  The default version will be the authoritative version so we will definitely create services for layers in the default version.

But how do I set this up to enable group users to edit feature services?  If I allow users to edit the features of the default version services, it would bypass their version and defeat the purpose of versioning. 

But if I create services for each version, I'd be serving a lot of redundant layers and multiplying the load on the server machine.

Am I missing something?  Does ESRI have a tool or feature to handle this?  Are their best practices for this situation? 

Any help will be appreciated.