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change x and y when mouse move display on status bar with esriDUDegreesMinutesSeconds

Question asked by aniket096 on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by aniket096
i have used status bar to display x and y coordinates in esriDUDegreesMinutesSeconds form.

i have created the code like this

statusBarXY.Text = string.Format("{0}, {1}  {2}", e.mapX, e.mapY, esriDirectionUnits.esriDUDegreesMinutesSeconds);

but it will not display any format like this X=70(Cellcious sign)0'20.797"E                Y=  22(Cellcious sign)28'.072"N
                                                      X= 700'20.797"E                                     Y= 2228'.072"N

how could i make this if any one having solution please send me link or any sample.