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No geoprocessing tools will open in new 10.2.1 install from search window

Question asked by jakethepainter on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by mvolz47
Just installed 10.2.1 on a brand new Win7 64bit machine.  In both ArcMap and ArcCatalog, I can't open any geoprocessing tools from the search window. 

If I go to the search for tools and search for one, say, clip, I can see the list of tools.  I can right-click on it and see "Open".  But neither clicking nor choosing "Open" does anything.

If I open the toolbox window and navigate to a tool and right-click and choose "Open", it does open the geoprocessing tool's window.

I repaired my install, but that did not help.

The only other ArcGIS product I have installed on the machine is Diagrammer.