Add-In access to service model configuration data

Discussion created by MikeEber on Mar 28, 2014
I have an add-in that I have to write for ESRI to do troubleshooting of a problem.  I'm moving my service calls from Web Reference calls to Service Model Referenced calls.  I have my services connected to my addin via the standard Add Service Reference wizard.
When I run the creation of my client it is obvious that there isn't any loading of the app.config file data into the addin.

I do, however, have the Config.esriaddinx.  So do I add the Service Model setting in this file?  And if so what are the headings needed for ESRI to recognize it's existance making it available to my add-in???

Things I've tried since posting this:
I wrote an EndPointAddress and Binding initialization routine and passed these to the service client which ran quietly.  But my first attempt at running the service failed (probably because it does not have the contract???!!!).

I did this by doing an embedded configuration setting of the URI only in the Properties/Settings.settings section of the project.