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how to reduce multiple large layers down to smaller area

Question asked by msaomara on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by msaomara
Hello,  I'm trying to put together four very large layers and size them to a much smaller area.  And of course each layer is in a different GCS.  And they are a combination of polylines and one polygon oh and one point file.  I've tried layering them together as individual clips the size of the county I'm working in but I need to reduce them to a smaller than county area.  I've tried editing and always get the error about layers not being the same as my data frame.  I've done so many different computations that I am thoroughly lost and can't even remember how I've done what I've done!  Can you tell I'm a newbie?! Oh, I have also tried projecting all the different layers using the same projection and changing GCS but I still get the same error about layers not matching data frame (yes, I worked with my data frame GCS of WGS 1984 (the first layer added set it).  So, I would like to start all over with advice - what steps should I take to add layers and what tools should I be using to clip/edit this down to an area I can use?  Is there a tutorial out there or step by step instructions?