Secured service - save login credentials according to token lifespan

Discussion created by SJCity on Mar 27, 2014
Hi all!
Here's the issue we're having:
I set up a few secured service on our server in order to prevent unauthorized access to them, and added them to ArcGIS online.
When an authorized user (users are coming from an active directory, roles are being managed on the server) accesses a web map that contains a secured service, he will be asked for his login credentials. The short lifespan of a token on our server is set to 500 minutes, the long lifespan to 1 day. So far so good. The problem is that every time the map is refreshed or the user accesses a different map that contains the same secured service, he'll be asked for his login\password combination again.
This is very inconvenient, and we want our users to enter their credentials once, for example at the beginning of their work day, and then be able to access their maps for the next 500 minutes without being asked for their logins again.
I'm not sure what settings I'm missing in order to accomplish that.

Thanks for your help!