Coded Value Domains are present, but not working

Discussion created by saschup on Mar 27, 2014
I'm using ArcGIS 10.2 and SDE 10.1.  My gdb was designed in ArcGIS Diagrammer 10.2.  The xml was imported into both a file gdb and SDE.  I have many domains, but only the domains associated with my subtypes work. (In other words, only subtype domains work when I'm editing in ArcMap.)  If I peruse the domains in the feature class properties under the subtype tab, all the domains are there. 

This is what I've tried:
1) Made sure the behavior is the same in both a file gdb and SDE.  It is.
2) Added a new code to a domain with "Add Coded Value to Domain" to see if that would "trigger" the activation of a domain.  (That was in a post somewhere.)
3) Specifically used "Add Domain to Field" to reassign the fields to the domains.  It doesn't matter.
4) Ensured the field type and the domain are the same data type.

Any ideas of other things to try?