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FeatureLayer points disappear from map, or fail to appear until zoom

Question asked by lbrannon on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by btfou
I have a web application that uses a FeatureLayer from my ArcGIS Server.  This FeatureLayer is supposed to display its point features all the time no matter what, but the features frequently disappear (or fail to appear at the start) and I cannot figure out why.  The disappearing happens when I zoom in or out or when I pan, and sometimes it is all the features and other times it is just the features in a particular geographic area that disappear. 

When the features fail to display, I get the error message below in Firebug. error Error: Unable to complete operation.  The resource from this URL is not text:

Here is the link to the application: the application's code is in the single html file.

Any help on figuring out how to get the points to display all the time would be much appreciated.