Map doesn't draw correctly in dojox/mobile/View, bad Extent?

Discussion created by schlot on Mar 27, 2014
My opening view on my site starts with the ability to run a query.  Once the query executes, then the user has the option to query another county or view a map of the results.

This works fine in Firefox, IE and Chrome.  Where it fails is on a iPad.  When you switch to the map, first it flashes, then it shows briefly my county boundary layer, chopped on the E and W, but otherwise the whole state and not the right extent, and then disappears entirely.

I wonder if it is because the initial view doesn't contain my map.  Instead the map extent is set and the view transitions from my main view to my map view.   This doesn't seem like it should be a deal breaker on an iPad, especially since I'm using all the components I think I'm supposed to be 'mobile friendly'. 

Here's my link:

I would also like to have a dropdown arrow and a prompt in my county selection box, but that's a detail.