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Using Python to copy more than one raster at a time

Question asked by gxo214 on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by gxo214
Hi everyone,

sorry if I am cross posting but I am relatively new to the ArcGIS world.
I think my problem will be easily solvable by somebody with a little knowledge of ArcGIS/Programming.
Basically, I need to transform a few thousands of .tiff raster into .bil and I was trying to run a simple Python command along the line of:

import arcpy

because all the input file starts with the same name and I don't particularly care about the output name as long as the file are distinguishable from one another. There is obviously a lot wrong with my command line, the only small experience I have in programming is in STATA which works very differently (I am an economist and there is one person in my whole department knowing what ArcGIS is, let alone Python).
If this is as easy as I imagine having a little knowledge on the language and anybody feels like giving me an answer this will save me a lot of time!
Thanks in advance