WebTiledLayer is not getting saved to Arcgis online.

Discussion created by AmitGoel_2013 on Mar 27, 2014

i am working with an application in which ESRI java script API is used. i tried to add Web Tiled layer to map but could not get success.
i am facing following issues.

1. Tiled layer is added to map but not shown. when i hide base map layer then it is shown so it is being added back to base map layer
so is there any need to reorder this layer so that it should be shown to front.

2. Saving map from my application to arcgis online, map saved but tiled layer was not loaded when viewing on arcgis online or reloading map. i have created same Json as arcgis online.

ex-:   "id": "WebTiled_7646",
         "templateUrl": "",
         "visibility": true,
         "title": "TileLayer2",
         "copyright": "CreditLayer2",
         "fullExtent": {
            "type": "extent",
            "xmin": -2.0037508E7,
            "ymin": -2.0037508E7,
            "xmax": 2.0037508E7,
            "ymax": 2.0037508E7,
            "spatialReference": {
               "wkid": 102100

Any help would be greatly appreciated:)