Raster Data - Symbolize as Points at Cell Center

Discussion created by dmgrogan on Mar 26, 2014
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[Torn between posting in Desktop forum and Server forum ... but chose Server forum due to SLD discussion]

Is there a way to symbolize raster data as point features WITHOUT converting the raster to a point feature class first?  For extremely large rasters, having to convert first is terribly inefficient ... as you move from the very gridded / array data that makes rasters efficient in the first place.

To provide some context, say I have a multi-band raster dataset.  Band 1 is wind direction.  Band 2 is wind speed.  I would like to be able to symbolize with an arrow or vector at each raster grid center point (possibly filtering overlapping arrows) with color being determined from Band 2 (speed) and rotation being calculated from Band 1.  I then want to publish that symbology to ArcGIS Server.

Again, I would like to be able to do this directly from the raster in my symbology, without having to directly convert to points first?

Any hope for this?

GeoServer (which I have used quite a bit lately) provides such a capability on-the-fly in its Raster-to-Vector processing capabilities which can be specified from within an SLD utilizing a WPS.

Any chance of doing something like this from an SLD for a WMS published from ArcGIS Server? 

Possibly in concert with a geoprocessing service?

Sorry that I'm all over the road on my question.  Just trying to find something comparable to a rather elegant and unique GeoServer solution I am using.