Can geocoding results include County/Census Tracts/Political Boundaries fields?

Discussion created by abarnes420 on Mar 26, 2014
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Scenario: We have a composite address locator using ESRI Street Premium data, it works great! But it has been requested      that the geocoding results include other geographic information about the addresses. Mainly things like... "what county is it in?",        "what census tract or block group it's in" or "what congressional district it's in?" essentially regional information about the point           location.

Question: Is there a way to have a locator include all this extra information in the results?, so when the data is geocoded       these regions would be added to the table? Maybe even allow the user to check and un-check which data to include and not include
in the results.

The only other way I figured I could do this was to run the Spatial Join tool on the results after the fact. But I want to know if it is     possible during the geocoding process.