Nested Table views issue

Discussion created by cefrench on Mar 26, 2014
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I've got a process set up like this:

1) Geodatabase Table -> make "Table View A" with expression "X" (so I'm working working with a subset of the geodatabase table)
2) From "Table View A", make "Table View B" with expression "Y" (so I'm working with a subset of Table View A)
3) And from there making several more table views based on "Table View B" with various expressions to generate some very specific files

The problem occurs when I try to make "Table View B".  Basically, I'm getting the result of querying the original Geodatabase Table with the expression "Y", a result larger than "Table View A" (by counting rows)

I realize that I could just brute force the thing and combine the X and Y queries and just query the geodatabase table multiple times, but it's largish table (500,000+ rows, 50+ columns) and it strikes me as being rather inefficient.

Is there something preventing me from using nested Table Views?

(apologies for not posting actual code.  The code I'm working with comes out of Model Builder via python export is a bit of a mess to cut and paste)
Thanks in advance