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whereClause syntax for Cost Distance parameter

Question asked by wtgeographer on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by wtgeographer
I am looking for create a sql expression regarding point feature class and selection based on 'Name' field to pass to param[0].

similar to:
savepath = env.workspace = r'G:\Xcel\Route Tool\Potter\Scratch.gdb' weighted_Raster = r'G:\Xcel\Route Tool\Potter\Scratch.gdb\weighted_Raster' fc = r'G:\Xcel\Route Tool\Potter\Data.gdb\Subs_w_dist' Field = 'Name' destValue = 'Coulter' where_clause = createSQL(Field, destValue)   #Calculate the least accumulative cost distance for each cell to the nearest source over a cost surface. outCostDist =, weighted_Raster,"", 'Output_Backlink')'distance_Raster')