Geoprocessing Services (ArcGIS server10.1): Can output from one be input for another?

Discussion created by jrparson on Mar 26, 2014
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I have published 2 geoprocessing services. One of the services uses an output feature set produced by the other service.

Is this capability supported?

During development, using ModelBuilder, I configure the tools to use relative paths and I use the %SCRATCHWORKSPACE% environment variable to set the base path for output features sets produced by the tools.

Works great when running in ArcMap 10.1 (on the server). After I publish the tools, and run them via a Viewer for Flex application, output is redirected to ./arcgisjobs (or something like that). The tool that needs the feature set produced by the other tool does not see it. I think it is looking for it at the %SCRATCHWORKSPACE% value used when it was run in ArcMap.

Anyone have experience with this?