Mosaic Problem using Image Analyst Window

Discussion created by burwelbo on Mar 26, 2014
I am having some difficulty mosaicing some Landsat 8 satellite imagery using the Image Analyst Window. I am not satisfied with the colour balancing in mosaic datasets and I have been working on a work around. I have tried to keep the dates of each path the same when I downloaded the images. My process is to load the pan sharpened images into arcmap and then use the mosaic tool to merge them together. Because they are collected on the same day, the radiometry seems perfect along the strip. I then load the strip image into a mosaic dataset. I have come across a few problems.

1. You cannot use the blend functuion as it tries to blend the black edges around the satellite imagery. I have being using Max as my mosaic operator and it works fine. However, it leaves a strip of white at the seem of the image.
2. When I load the strips into the mosaic dataset often the strips might be a little darker or lighter. I have tried adding the contrast and brightness function to the image but nothing happens. I put it at the top of the function chain.

The final product is going to be a good quality natural colour Landsat 8 mosaic. I am using 10.2.1

Any advice would be appreciated.

Bruce Burwell
GIS Analyst
saudi Aramco