Overlapping geofences with different attributes

Discussion created by elazaroumarathondata-gr-esridist Employee on Mar 26, 2014
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Hello everyone,

We have an issue working with geofences that we cannot still deal with. While tracking fishing vessels there is need to have a lot of geofence polygons that each one leads to a specific alert. For example there is a geofence that describes an area where the fishing is prohibited for "reason1". Also, the same time, there is another geofence polygon, overlapping with the first one, where the fishing is prohibited for "reason2". So the overlapping part contains criteria from both of them. How can we set up the incident detectors to generate two different alert points for the same vessel signal when it steps inside the overlapping part, so to warn us that it has violated both of them? Generating a new polygon of the overlapping area does not actually help us because the new polygon should reflect the criteria of both the polygons that comes from. So this again would not lead us to generate two different alerts.

Thank you in advance

Elias L.