Map Failed To Download

Discussion created by rlamar on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by bhopper_cofgisonline
I've been trying to test the offline editing capabilities of collector but I can't get the map to download to my devices. I've created a very simple map on ArcGIS Online with one point shapefile which I've uploaded and created a feature service of. Both the feature service and map are enabled for offiline editing and I get the download icon for the map to appear when I open up Collector. I can go through the process of selecting the area I'm intersted in and setting the map scale. Once I hit download it processes anywhere from 20%-50% and then I get this error "The map failed to download The map 'xxxxx' failed to download with the message:" (there is no message).

I've tried downloading from two different wifi connections as well as from my wireless network.

Devices: Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Note 10.1

Any suggestions would be great.